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15 Jan

  • Last payroll deduction payment for calendar year

28 Feb

  • T4 slips and summary information returns filings
  • T5 slips and summary information returns filings
  • RRSP contributions

15 Mar

  • Payment of first individual's income tax installment
  • Employer Health Tax payment and filling

31 Mar

  • WSIB annual return filings
  • T5013 partnership annual information return filings
  • GST return annual filings for other than individuals

30 Apr

  • Employees T1 personal income tax return filings and tax payment
  • Payments of individual self employed professionals and business owners taxes and GST

15 Jun

  • Filings of individual self employed professional and business owners T1 personal tax and GST returns
  • Payment of second individuals income tax installment

30 Jun

  • T5018 statement of contract payments for calendar year filings

15 Sep

  • Payment of third individuals income tax installment

30 Sep

  • Last date for individuals to utilize their HBP RRSP withdrawal

15 Dec

  • Payment of last individual's income tax installment
  • Sale of capital property to trigger capital gains & losses
  • Make donations


Late ETD payroll tax fillings 10%

Late T4 return filings $10 per day to a maximum of $1,000, but not less than $100(1-5 slips

Late GST payments $250 + 1% + 0.25% monthly penalties & Interest at 6-8%

Late tax payments Interest at 6-8%

Late income tax return filings 5% penalty plus 1% per month interest (both penalties and interest double if not first offender)

Late WSIB filings 10.5%