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Rental Income is the income you receive from property that you own.

Income producing apartments, condominiums, houses, commercial properties and land - that you own individually or with another person- are considered rental property. As a property owner providing only basic services, you produce taxable, rental income.

Often, owners of rental property fail to take advantage of, or properly utilize the many opportunities for tax deductions in the operation of their rental properties and investment Real Estate. Here's where the tax experts at Aridan Accounting and Tax Services can help you. By maximizing your deductions, you show less income…and this means less tax and more profit! Owning and maintaining rental properties is expensive and time consuming. Let the experts at Aridan Accounting and Tax Services prepare your tax return to make the most of your rental property and Real Estate investments.

The following list of necessary information allows our rental income specialists to maximize your profits and reduce your taxable rental income. That means… more money in your pocket! Don't overlook these VALUABLE tax deductions.

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